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SRS50-YB Seating Sash x 10

50mm seat blocking sash x 10
The seating signage consists of our 50mm printed tape, exactly the same as used in all our other great products, with an industrial quality elastic insert making it universally fitting for just about every type of seat available. the seams are double sewn making it a fantastic, strong, re-usable & clean approach to seat blocking. The sash is double sided printed so two messages available and the best bit is, it is post Co-Vid applicable to normal reservation and seat blocking usage. Simply turn inside out to use the appropriate message required. We have been receiving fantastic reviews of the sashes because of the fast, simple and secure method to restrict seating in auditoriums, cinemas and public areas. The sashes can of course be custom printed with varying colours and messaging but we always have the pictured model SRS50-YB in stock. Comes in a packet of 10
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: SRS50-YB
  • Manufacturer: Safety Snap Systems