Return Policy

Our return policy is simple.

Because we want you to be happy with each and every purchase, you may return items purchased from Safety Snap Systems Pty Ltd for a refund of applicable charges within 30 days of the date our records indicate you successfully received your purchase, provided the items are in original new condition with all materials, original packaging, paperwork, and accessories intact. Custom prints and orders are excluded.

Items that are used or damaged may not be returned. Please note that shipping charges are not refundable, unless we sent you the wrong item or the item you received has a manufacturer’s defect.

All returns require a Return Authorization Number.

Please e-mail us at and we will promptly issue you one along with directions on where to send the return.

Please inspect your order as soon as you receive it. Any defective or missing items should be reported to Safety Snap Systems Pty Ltd immediately. There is a 30 day limit from the day you receive your order to contact us for a return or replacement or a refund.