About Us

Safety Snap Systems Pty Ltd
6 Kalanda Court
Dicky Beach , Qld
Australia 4551

ACN: 628 164 929

mail: info@safetysnapsystems.com
tel: +61 459 220291

AUS PATENT # : 2017213478
IPA # : PCT/AU2018/000098

Safety Snap Systems is a patented low cost, low maintenance barrier system that is safe and easy to use and install for all conventional hand rail and stairwell scenarios.

The patented Safety Snap Rail System was developed to offer a secure and safe mounting system for barriers in the Maritime, Mining and Gas, Construction and Manufacturing industries but can be used anywhere where there are handholds, stairwell rails or similar people traffic aids. The difference to conventional mounting techniques is that it can be easily de-installed or even ran through in an emergency with out the possibility of damage to property or injury to people.

The clips come in many sizes and are easily attached by snapping onto the handrail without the need to drill or screw into the rail thus eliminating the need for tools and repair. The clip can be used many times over making repositioning of the barrier an easy and affordable solution.

With a master link included, the chain length between the two clips can be adjusted to suit every width of walkway or stairwell. The signage system included rounds off the package, delivering a safe and professional barrier system for every situation.